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Affordable Sofas

This Christmas and birthday, seeing as though I celebrate them within two weeks of each other, Jorge and I are buying our first sofa. We have been living with a red suede two-seater which my parents found on the side of the road for the first two years of our married life and now it's time for it to go. Thank the Lord! Ideally I'd love a Jardan or Tuckey sofa; handmade, Australian made, beautiful... but far to pricey! So for our first sofa I've narrowed down the options to these beauties... 
Let me know what you think of them, or if you know any others I may like! And no rush... we plan on getting a bargain in the boxing day/week sales!

Vue 'Hugo' from Myer

'Hawkes' from OzDesign
'Jericho' from ClickOn Furntiure
'Citti' from Plush


Xmas Ideas

So before I start, I thought i'd apologise for being away from the blog for a bit... Work has been crazy busy and my weekends have been so full that I haven't had a chance to open my computer, let alone write a blog post. So I hope you haven't been missing me too much!!

Anyway... Christmas is less than a week away! CRAZY! But unfortunately this year I am working straight up until Christmas Day so I'm feeling like I'm missing out a bit on the excitement and preparation of getting ready for Christmas. So today I thought I'd share my inspiration for Christmas styling and decorating if I had the time to do something!!

All photos here.
(Ps excuse the french in the second last image...)


The Home-Journal

This week on The Home-Journal I discuss Pantone's 2014 Colour of the Year. What it is and how to use it in your homes...


The Non Program Pavilion

Located in the South of Spain, in Salobreña is this small pavilion, surrounded by a remarkable landscape. Designed by Jesús Torres García Architects, the Non Program Pavilion was created through the idea of disappearing in the landscape, attempting to erase the division between the intervention and the area. This concern of integration reaches the point where the landscape generates the architecture itself. 


Goo Collection

Sisters Sally Davies, Lisa Nicol and their mum are the owners and makers of the gorgeous bedlinen, and baby wears company Goo Collection. The range of products features designs that are great for design-conscious mums. No longer fairytale characters and superheroes, this bedlinen features simple and stylish designs in soft colour palettes. Aren't they great!!


Alpha Cruxis

Alpha Cruxis is a Berlin-based design project by Australian designer Rebecca Martin. Working with leather, Alpha Cruxis creates sculptural, minimal design objects celebrating material, technique and form.

Using traditional leatherworking techniques, each Alpha Cruxis piece is cut, sewn and finished by hand in our Berlin studio from the highest quality Italian vegetable tanned leather.

The debut 2013 bag collection from Alpha Cruxis ‘GEOMETRY’ takes shape in five striking, minimal designs using 3mm thick black leather and silver hardware.


The Home-Journal

This week on The Home-Journal I share my top 10 gift ideas for Christmas. Most items are from Australian designers and are perfect for anyone who loves Australian made, local home design.


Lumberjack candle holder

Danish designer Simon Legald designed these candle holders after being inspired by the silhouette formed in a tree trunk as lumberjacks slowly chop away to a trees centre. Each set of the Lumberjack candle holders are created from a single cylindrical piece of solid wood. The collection is sold through 
Normann Copenhagen.



Chocolate & Chalk

Since rockclimbing two or three times a week for the past few months, I have started looking up more than just interiors in my 'spare' time... I search for photography of fashion on cliffs, and nature photography of climbing places around the world. I watch youtube videos of pro rock-climbers to learn their technique and see where they climb, and I get fascinated by the stalactites and materials which create these wondrous walls which people hang to. So when I stumbled across these photos of the contrast of the textures of chocolate and chalk, I fell in love. 

Chalk is one thing a climber needs a lot of. Since J and I started climbing I've had to buy five more bags of chalk already. The chalk photographed here is from the Chalk Cliffs of Møns Klint in Denmark and were taken by amazing photographer Ulf Svane. Cereal Magazine has compared these images with the three photographs of chocolate in its various forms, taken by blogger Anne Moltke Hansen of Anne Au Chocolat. I could look at those chalk photographs all day... There is just something about the colouring and texture that draws me in.