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Chocolate & Chalk

Since rockclimbing two or three times a week for the past few months, I have started looking up more than just interiors in my 'spare' time... I search for photography of fashion on cliffs, and nature photography of climbing places around the world. I watch youtube videos of pro rock-climbers to learn their technique and see where they climb, and I get fascinated by the stalactites and materials which create these wondrous walls which people hang to. So when I stumbled across these photos of the contrast of the textures of chocolate and chalk, I fell in love. 

Chalk is one thing a climber needs a lot of. Since J and I started climbing I've had to buy five more bags of chalk already. The chalk photographed here is from the Chalk Cliffs of M√łns Klint in Denmark and were taken by amazing photographer Ulf Svane. Cereal Magazine has compared these images with the three photographs of chocolate in its various forms, taken by blogger Anne Moltke Hansen of Anne Au Chocolat. I could look at those chalk photographs all day... There is just something about the colouring and texture that draws me in.

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