Artists and creatives from Australia and around the world.


Andréason & Leibel

Kristian Andréason and Kristin Leibel are the creatives behind Swedish design studio Andréason & LeibelInitially the designers were recognised for their architectural lighting design but have come to design furniture also. I'm loving their new Babylon Tower Desk which, like the Tower of Babel, collapses into a very flat plack.


Happy Red Fish

Happy Red Fish is the creative studio of Dutch artist Hagar Vardimon-van Heummen. Hagar's designs combine photography and embroidery, thread and ink to create artwork that is quirky and alive. Here are some of my favourite designs...



Tim Knowles

Tim Knowles is an artist based in the UK. However he is not the type of artist to work in a studio... To create his artworks Knowles relies on systems beyond his control which allows chance to take over his works. 
Tree Drawings is a project where a series of drawings are produced using artists' pens attached to the tips of tree branches. Sheets of paper are placed in such a way that the trees natural motions - as well as their moments of stillness - are recorded. Knowles explains "Like signatures each drawing reveals the different qualities and characteristics of the various trees as they sway in the breeze: the relaxed, fluid line of an oak; the delicate, tentative touch of a larch; a hawthorn's stiff, slightly neurotic scratches."

To see more of Knowles' beautiful projects click here.


The Print Society

Sydney based designer and printer Karen Johnston has over ten years experience in textiles and screen printing. Her studio The Print Society creates homewares that are innovative yet simplistic. Designs play around with shape, scale, and colour and are often focussed on geometrics and mark making. All designs are hand-printed in Sydney on natural fabrics such as hemp and linen, as the studio strives to have a low impact approach to manufacturing and materials.


Sarah Illenberger

Berlin based Sarah Illenberger is straight up a genius. Her work is incredible. I've blogged about Sonia Rentsch here before and if you think her work is cool... she basically learnt it from Sarah. Here are some of Sarah's 'Strange Fruits' work which are quirky, clever and meticulously created. You'll see on her site that this is only one folder of her work, but in browsing through the folder i couldn't help but show you all of it! I may do another post on Sarah sometime later; showing more of a range of her works, but for now... fruit & vegetables.


Lucky Boy Sunday

Lucky Boy Sunday is a Danish brand specialising in knitted kids toys and soft furnishings. Danish designers Camilla Koerschen and Camilla Ebdrup founded the studio in 2007 after studying textiles and art. All of Lucky Boy Sunday's designs are manufactured in Bolivia where alpaca have been bred for the use of their wool. Products are then knitted by talented women in fair trade cooperatives across the country. Koerschen and Ebdrup say "we support some of the poor population by giving them a good job and a fair price. At the same time the Bolivian knitters make our dreams come alive..."

Take a look at how cute these kids toys are!




Jens Risom

I found this video on the dwell iphone app recently and was pretty inspired... Designer Jens Risom sought this prefab home as a holiday house for his family in the 1960's and it is still there today. The timeless design of the home makes is appear as though it could be designed today..


McKean Studio

Sydney creatives Joshua & Megan McKean are the couple behind McKean Studio. I've had the honour of interviewing Megan about their work and plans for the future. I hope you get inspired by how hard-working yet so happy the couple appear...

Ps - McKean Studio is coming to Sydney's Finders Keepers Markets! Eeep :)

Q. Please share some history of both of your background careers before starting McKean Studio?
A. We started McKean Studio while we were both still studying at university. Joshua finished his degree in Industrial Design in 2011, just a few weeks before we got married. I spent another year after that completing my honours year in Visual Communications. We've worked on various projects individually and together and now McKean Studio is our side project that we tend to when we're not working our other jobs!

Q. What made you decide to start McKean Studio?
A. We were both blogging individually for a few years, working on individual projects and freelance jobs, but decided since we spent so much time working with the other it would make more sense to just combine things! 6 months before we got married we combined forces, I figured I'd be taking on the McKean name soon enough anyway, so it just felt like it made the most sense! 

Q. Whats the best part of owning your own business?
A. The flexibility to work on things when it suits us best and when inspiration strikes! Also being able to develop our own products and work on what we want to.

Q. What has been the hardest part about running your own business?
A. I think trying to get everything done in a day is the hardest part, it's a never ending list of things to do, and you're always trying to think ahead to what you'll be working on next. Being a very small label and still in it's infancy, there are lots of business related things that we've had to try and learn on our own - which is hard when you've come from design degrees! 

Q. What has been your greatest career achievement so far?
A. Every project that gets finished is a great achievement! We've been so lucky to have some wonderful opportunities arise that have led to some really fun projects. Being so early on in our careers and still building our label, it's probably too soon to say what's been our greatest achievement. We find every sale of our products very humbling and encouraging - nothing feels better than having someone like your stuff enough to buy it!

Q. Who/What inspires you?
A. Travel and nature are probably our greatest inspirations. Our souvenir scarves started as a personal project for me, to document some of our favourite cities that we've visited together. I also draw a lot of animals and flora.

Q. Describe a typical day at work...
A. Every day is different at McKean Studio! We both work jobs (that we love!) so the work for our label usually fits in around that. Some days I'll be sewing scarves for 12 hours (so glamorous!) or working on a new illustration, sending orders at the post office, writing blog posts, or making any of the other bits and pieces! My favourite days are design days, when I get to work on new pieces for McKean Studio. This usually starts with a lot of 'pinning', picking colour palettes and sketching out ideas.

Q. Where do you see yourself & McKean studio in 5 years?
A. 5 years is a long time! And so hard to forecast when you're just starting out. We'd love to work more on our label and build the production to include more products. We're hoping to move overseas for a stint in the next couple of years, so are slowly working towards that! Whatever happens, McKean Studio will be coming too and you'll hopefully be able to see some more of us over the next 5 years!


The Home-Journal

It's Sydney focus week at The Home-Journal this week so I have had the honour of writing three articles which featured on Monday, Tuesday and now today :) If you are interested in reading about The Grounds cafe in Alexandria, head across to check out my work!

Esme Winter

Esme Winter is a modern British designer who originally studied textiles design, and has now created her own stationary range of wrapping paper, notecards and notebooks. The brand is based on the philosophy of timeless design and quality in production.

The colours and patterns are so much fun! Take a look at more of the range on her website.