Artists and creatives from Australia and around the world.


Zakka Mart

I'm not normally one to care about Halloween and i'll admit I had to look up specifically what date Halloween actually falls (it's today)... but this year I stumbled across a few cute ideas for costumes. We don't really do Halloween parties here but where I go rock climbing at The Edge, there is an opportunity to dress up tonight to get free entry for climbing. Tempting... but I think i'd end up spending more on a costume then the actual entry fee!

Anyway, this little store Zakka Mart has the cutest collection of mugs to disguise your face and transform you into a pig, cat or moustached man. And they're so affordable!


Cocoon Tree

The Cocoon Tree is the epitome of cool for outdoors accommodation. The lightweight floating sphere, only 60kgs allows travellers to 'nest' among the trees with the birds. Made from high density aluminium tubes covered in a resistant waterproof canvas the cocoon is in a way a transportable treehouse. It connects to trees with ropes and nets, creating a suspended room with a view. The set up takes about 2 hours but from there, it's all about relaxing in the 3m round bed.


Malmo house

In the recent issue of Sweden's Elle Interior, this beautiful property owned by Julius & Sara in Malmo, Sweden displays an incredible combination of old and new. The character filled home features great parquetry flooring and the most amazing ceilings! Styled by Emma Persson Lagerberg & photographed by Petra Bindel...


Leaf Man

Leaf Man by Azuma Makoto is one of AMKK's projects that aim to increase the existential value of plants by finding out the most mysterious figure only owned by flowers and plants and converting it to the artistic expression.


Yoshiyuki Hibino

Japanese designer Yoshiyuki Hibino presented his range of incredible pendant lights at the recent Stockholm furniture fair. Simple form and functional ecological beauty are combined perfectly in his designs of hanging lamps. Two styles are available; the first an easy elastic shade that is rolled up in uncoated metal... the second is formed by the halved sheet of material being fixed at the top on both sides. The lamp when turned on creates a soft, diffused light due to the choice of materials used.


Earth's Hidden Beauties

Explored by the Sierra Club in California, the world's lesser known, but most impressive features are photographed. See them all here.



English designers Max Frommeld and Arno Mathies are the creators of the 'foldboat'. Designed as a seamless, hard shell, folding boat... it is fabricated from one single sheet of plastic. It is designed for flat water environments and features durable hinges allowing the 2.5m vessel to be opened out flat or into a small parcel. 


The Stalacpipe Organ

Almost 50 metres below the ground in Page County, Virginia lies the worlds largest musical instrument: a four acre cave-turned-keyboard known as The Great Stalacpipe Organ. The Luray Caverns Cave runs over 64 acres of private property, therefore not restricting them to regular constraints of state parks. The owners, together with mathematician and electronics scientist Leland W. Spinkle created an instrument that works by connecting the organs keys to rubber mallets that strike stalacpipes with the corresponding musical pitch, like a xylophone. The process of finding stalacpipes with corresponding musical pitch was time consuming and only resulted in two with the correct musical scale. Other stalacpipes had to be sanded to the right notes, taking a long three years.


The Home-Journal

This week on The Home-Journal I talk through my favourite colour schemes by Dulux and as an extra special incentive to read it... there's a giveaway!! So head on over to see what you can win! 

Daniel Emma

These two desk organisers are designed by Adelaide based creatives Daniel Emma. Originally produced for their D.E Desk range, the cork cone and magnetic tower are now produced by 'Wrong for Hay'.


Philipp Mainzer

German born Philipp Mainzer is both an architect and product designer. By flicking through the collection of images of his furniture design it is evident that Mainzer is somewhat of a master. The material selection and construction and form of each product is balanced, smooth and well designed. I wouldn't mind taking home a few of his pieces, especially that wooden wall unit!