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Ink & Spindle

Melbourne boutique textiles studio Ink & Spindle is run by designers Lara Cameron & Tegan Rose. The pair design and hand print their own textiles through the art of screen printing on their studios 10 metre long printing table.

I have had the pleasure of asking the design duo a few questions...

Q. In regards to your backgrounds, how did the idea of Ink & Spindle come about?
A. Lara was a graphic designer & had been getting her repeat designs printed by a company here in Melbourne & wanted to be more hands-on in the production of her textiles. I was a secondary school teacher and wanted to go back to my roots in Fine Art making. When we met it seemed like between us we had all the skills needed to open a studio, so it'd be crazy not to give Ink & Spindle a go! 

Q. What is the best bit about running your own business?
A. Autonomy, getting to hang out with a best friend everyday, being a part of the awesome Melbourne independent design & production scene.

Q. What is the hardest part to running your own business?
A. Keeping on top of cash flow! 

Q. What has been your greatest career success so far?
A. There's a great quote by author & poet Maya Angelou "Success is liking yourself, liking what you do and liking how you do it.", so by that benchmark our greatest career success is starting our business AND keeping it going for 5 years without the need to work outside of it to earn a wage.

Q. Describe a typical day at work...
A. Arrive, sit at the computer & work through the inbox, plan days print runs, mix inks, print, cut fabric, print, pack orders, print, work through inbox, go home.

Q. Ink & Spindle practices sustainable textiles making... Does this effect your customers (eg. higher cost, environmentally conscious buyers etc)? 
A. We find that our textiles being environmentally sound is extremely important to our customers. It is more expensive to purchase high quality organic cotton/linen/hemp basecloths over toxic cotton etc, however we find that our retail prices ars more effected by the fact that we are producing in the first world, paying first world prices for labour & materials, rather than than because we choose organic.

Q. Who/What inspires you?
A. Our designs are largely inspired by nature and our hometown of Melbourne - we love Australia's native flora and fauna. It is also very important to us that our designs have inherent longetivity. Rather than following current design or fashion trends, our aim is to develop textiles that will fit in your life for many years to come.

Q. Where do you see yourself & ink and spindle in 5 years?
A. Well our lease runs out on our studio in 4 years & 9 months so who knows where we'll be! All I hope is that whatever we are doing we're happy doing it. 


The Knife Maker

This video by film maker Keef of This is Made by Hand is not only beautifully put together but the story itself is beyond enviable. J and I found this site over the weekend and have enjoyed browsing through the 4 or 5 films so far from across Brooklyn creatives. This story of 'The Knife Maker' is our favourite. To see all the videos click here.


Tanamachi Studio

Brooklyn based Dana Tanamachi is the brains (or the hands!!) behind the graphic design studio Tanamachi Studio. The studio specialises in hand lettering and custom typography for editorial, food, fashion and lifestyle brands. Tanamachi has worked for names such as TIME magazine, Google, Bloomingdale's, Tommy Hilfiger and the O (Oprah's) magazine. She also does small projects like weddings and retail interiors, as well as branding and logo design.
To see more of her work click here.


Lotta Agaton

Agent Bauer is an advertising and editorial company in Stockholm, Sweden. The company represents some of Sweden's best photographers, stylists, make-up artists, illustrators and animators. I have spent hours flicking through all the stylists' work and love them all.

Today i'll share some photos from interior stylist Lotta Agaton. I can't post enough of her shoots! They are all so beautiful. I honestly dream to be as skilled as Lotta one day...

Check out her site here... (beware you may lose track time...)


Karen Barbe

How great is the work by Chilean textile designer Karen Barbe! (Even the layout of her website is eye candy...) 

Her work is inspired by traditional crafts and generally 'simple and unpretentious' design. All her work is handmade to bring a cosy and joyful mood into her customers homes.

Click here for her blog as well as its such a nice read!!

All photos from Karen's website and blog


Greg Natale

Sydney based interior designer Greg Natale has collaborated with Porters Paints to create his own line of wallpapers. His choice of colours striped patterns are elegant yet bold. To see more of the range or order it (!) click here.


Belgian Designers and their Interiors

If you love European design, if you love white and bright interiors that aren't styled but look like someone really could live inside... then this book should definately be on your reading list. In collaboration, journalist Muriel Verbist and interiors photographer Diane Hendrikx work together to take us through the homes of 16 Belgian designers homes. The houses range in size and style from a loft in Brussels to a converted farmhouse in the countryside.

The book can be bought here...

All photos by Diane Hendrikx


Crochet baskets

Recently I have decided to learn to crochet. I think not only does crochet produce beautiful things, but it is also a simple hobby to do whilst at home that is easy to pick up and do for 5 minutes at a time. I admit, at the moment I have only learnt one type of crochet stitch but why learn more just yet when i can create multiple crocheted baskets for storing things around the home!!

I found the tutorial for these bowls/baskets at The Red Thread and it is so easy to follow... The Red Thread's Lisa Tilse is an incredible crafter who provides simple yet beautiful DIY's to follow. For this full tutorial click here.

Here are some of my first basket creations :)

Old People Wearing Vegetation

The Eyes as Big as Plates project began in 2011 by New York artists Riittai Konen and Karoline Hjorth whilst on an artists residency in Norway. Working with local seniors across Norway & Finland, the duo created these beautiful, yet comical images... (to see more, click here).


Cumulus Living

Cumulus Living is a small Australian company who create whimsical and inspirational cushions. Offering floor and living cushions that can be bought online (here) or through stockists in Victoria and South Australia. I just can't get over how beautiful the pictures on the cushions are... You could stare at one of them for hours!