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Alexandra Donohoe of Decus

Alexandra Donohoe is the principle of Sydney based interior design firm Decus. After studying a Bachelor of Interior Architecture at UNSW, Donohoe went on to work in several of Sydney's most notable design firms. Her own company Decus was born of an obsession with the profound effect interiors have on our daily lives. Underpinning much of Donohoe's work is a sense of eclecticism; her interiors celebrate bold contrasts, whimsy, luxury and exquisite detail. 

Here are some examples of Donohoe's beautiful work...


The Home-Journal

I'm struggling this week with posting daily as I was away Monday & Tuesday and then work/life has been a bit full on for the rest of this week.
But I thought I could quickly share the link to this weeks article in The Home-Journal. It's called "How to Make your Home more Relaxing" and features some hot tips. Go check it...


Food Rant #1

Coming to the end of week two of the 8-week I Quit Sugar program I feel like it's what I want to write about. I don't normally write about myself, or food in fact but since this is the most exciting different thing i've done in a while it is kind of taking over my thoughts. Quitting sugar is somewhat easy and crazy hard at the same time. The first six weeks of the program is the detox... so no sugar is allowed including fruit. I think this is probably the worst part for me. Every time I crave sugar I think 'this craving would be fixed if I could just eat an apple or some grapes or strawberries!!'. It's alright though... most of the time sugar isn't in main meals so it's easy to not eat it. It's just when you snack that it's hard... and I seem to snack a lot.

During the two weeks so far I've tried out a few recipes from Sarah Wilson's I Quit Sugar book. I've decided that I love a lot of the savoury recipes but when it comes to trying to make sweet things, with substitute sweeteners then its pretty gross. My taste buds just want real sweetness! Real sugar!

But I've been looking at heaps of blogs and getting inspired, especially for after week six when I can have fruit again! Secret Squirrel Food is one of my favourite inspirations at the moment. Just check out some of the creations by Melbourne born Karen McLean. YUM!


Bridget Bodenham

Bridget Bodenham is a Victoria based ceramicist who's works are stocked throughout Melbourne at Mr Kitly, Craft Victoria and Pieces of Eight. Growing up in the Sunshine Coast, Bodenham she always worked with her hands. Her works often reflect nature from her inspiration of where she grew up and also where she lives now, in Hepburn Springs, VIC. On top creating these clay masterpieces, Bodenham also teaches at Ballarat University and Ballarat Fine Art Gallery. 

I particularly love the rock and pebble inspired mortar and pestles and the pouring lips to the clean-lined vessels.


Nendo 'Splinter'

Tokyo and Milan based design company Nendo designed this 'Splinter' collection for Conde House, a manufacturer based in Japan's famous Asahikawa wooden furniture region. Each piece of wood is splintered as though peel parts away. By approaching the wood gently and going with the grain the wood retains its original pliancy. Here are images of the mirrors within the collection which display simplicity at its best. The rest of the collection includes a chair, coatrack, clothes hanger and side table.


House Doctor

I've recently discovered Denmark based, family-run interior design business House Doctor through Swedish blog Husligheter. The latest catalogue 'Moments' is wonderfully photographed and super inspiring. I haven't figured out where the closest stockist is for us here in Australia, but i will keep researching! Watch this space...


The Home-Journal

So I've missed a few recent links to The Home-Journal where I contribute most weeks. If you are interested to read them here are the links to "Renovating for Profit" and "Indoors to Outdoors".

I officially have a weekly column now as well so head over to The Home-Journal and click on "Interior Tips & Trends" to see what I've got to say each week.



Vera Iachia's Casa Tatui

This house 'Casa Tatui' designed by Portuguese designer Vera Iachia screams summer living. The palette of blues whites and timber creates a clean and fresh feel. The natural colours of the timber creates a warmth in contrast to the cool blues and whites. I'm fascinated by the shadows cast through the timber roof and walls.