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Yvan Mispelaere's Paris Apartment

Star fashion designer for international brand Diane von Fürstenburg; New York based Yvan Mispelaere has revamped the former Parisian circus-training base into a chic, modern apartment. As his second home, Mispelaere has created a space mirroring the way he designs clothing; with special attention to proportion, colour and detail, resulting in an intriguing and exuberant interior.

The apartment was built in the late 19th Century as a former stable block and was later revived as a circus training base. With the guidance of Mispelaere's friend and architect Stéphane Ghestem, the apartment was completely reinvigorated. Mispelaere's inspiration for the home was displayed as a book of tear sheets, featuring a range from the colours and textures of a sunken Moroccan sitting room to the architecture of ancient Greece and the works of Le Corbusier. 

The interior consists of a cubic pod, faceted like diamond cushions in matte black, which contains the kitchen and is set within an otherwise open-plan living area, bar, guest room and bathroom, which are partitioned off beyond the staircase. The angular design of the pod provides a striking contrast to the rest of the room with its cloud-white color scheme. Upstairs is the master bedroom, a spacious dressing room and bathroom, the design of which is a nod to French artist Jean-Pierre Raynaud and features Mispelaere’s self-designed winking tiles, underlining his sense of fun.

Mispelaere's Paris apartment is positioned in the thriving scene of the Canal Saint-Martin, but he describes it as a space of calm which 'regenerates and inspires' him.

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