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Mr & Mrs White

I've been sick this week, hence the lack of posts... Between hiding under a blanket on the couch and sleeping in my bed, sitting in front of the computer screen seemed the last thing on my mind. However, once I received the responses to my interview with Nathan and Sasha White of Mr & Mrs White, a Sydney based furniture and homewares store, I couldn't resist sharing it with you.

I particularly feel excited for this hardworking couple as they seem to be so similar to Jorge and I. Marrying young and studying in a similar way (apprenticeship and correspondence) it almost makes me dream to be in a position like this in a few years time...

If you want to check out there store in person the address is 3/81 Darley Street, Mona Vale, NSW.

Q. What are your design backgrounds?
A. I studied graphic design and Nathan did his apprenticeship as a shipwright. Nathan loved the timber side of boat building and disliked the fibre glass side. He moved into cabinetry and as he started making things for our house he fell in love with the design and skill of creating furniture. After studying I started to crave a creative outlet that didn't involve a computer screen - and so I started playing around with my second-hand sewing machine. I instantly loved the feeling of creating with my two hands and seeing a bunch of fabric become something functional... something beautiful.

Q. Your site story says you got married super young... How young were you and how was it being married and studying?
A. I was 21 and Nathan was 23 when we got married. In this day and age I guess its pretty young but we had met when I was 14 and had been dating since I was 17 and so it felt natural to make that next step when you know your meant to be together. The first year was definitely challenging but looking back I wouldn't of had it any other way. I was studying via correspondence so that I could work 3-4 days a week and get an income and Nathan was doing his shipwright apprenticeship. I was never the 'embrace the uni life' kind of girl - so I didn't feel like I was missing out on anything. 

Q. How did Mr & Mrs White start?
A. When we were both doing our respective hobbies - sewing and making furniture - we realised one day that we could do this together. So we started out slow - making bits and pieces...things for us and family and friends (they are good to practice on ha). I started building our branding, website and online store and all of a sudden we were 'Mr & Mrs White'. It has been a gradual process. A process of working out our style, designs and the type of business we wanted to be. It's been a fun and challenging journey.

Q. How is it working everyday with each other, as husband and wife?
A. We love it! It definitely has hard moments but mostly it is really enjoyable. Because we both have our own areas of expertise it works quite well. We are not in each others hair too much. I stay upstairs in my studio and Nathan stays downstairs in his workshop. 

Q. How do you manage keeping up with the business with a daughter?
A. It is definitely challenging but very rewarding being able to do both. I have Selah most of the week and then on Fridays and Saturdays a good friend of mine looks after her. This enables me to get work done in the studio and be there when the showroom is open. This means that during the week most of my work gets done in the night or during her short nap in the day. Sometimes I'm productive and other times I'm not at all. But it all seems to work out. It's a busy season of life that won't last forever so you just gotta roll with it I guess. Also, Nathan is such a great dad - the positive of running your business is that you set your own hours - and so if I have a lot of work on - Nathan takes Selah - and we just manage our schedule week by week depending on whats on.

Q. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
A. Thats a great question and very hard to answer. We have big dreams for the future but we are taking it day by day. You never know what doors or opportunities will open up to you. We definitely will still be making and creating and expanding the business. Along, with our business hopefully our family has grown and many more new friendships are made!

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