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JZ Tea Trolley

Jorge Zalszupin was a Polish architect who moved to Brazil after World War 2. He began designing furniture for his architecture clients and in 1955 he started L'Atelier, a furniture design firm, along with designers Julio Katinski, Oswaldo Mellone and Paulo Jorge Pedreira. 

Like most furniture manufacturers of the time, L'Atelier started as a small company, producing made-to-order furniture of the finest craftsmanship. Today, Zalszupin's designs are known internationally as hallmarks of modernism. Graceful lines, strong use of local woods and a combination of impeccable woodworking and classical detailing mark Zalszupin's furniture. 

One of my favourite pieces of Zalszupin's is the JZ Tea Trolley. The combination of a steel frame, brass wheels and stained wood shelves creates a beautiful, modern design.

Photos found here and here.

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