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Design firm Workstead is made up of a triplet of graduates of the RISD Architecture program; Stefanie Brechbuehler, Robert Andrew Highsmith and Ryan Mahoney. The firm have offices in Brooklyn and the Hudson Valley where they focus on architectural and interior design, lighting and furniture design, and exhibitions. The firm aims to design responsible works that create a sense of place for both the objects they contain and they people that experience them.
This particular project in Prospect Park involved a complete reorganisation of spaces, with highly tailored millwork creatively positioned throughout. "Modern in form, simple in material, but complex in texture, hand-painted elements conceal a warm walnut beyond. Rich wood and colourful brass create a sense of grace and punctuate a backdrop to the bustle of everyday life."
This Brooklyn home is clearly an example of Workstead's mastery of refinement and understated luxe.

Photos by Matthew Williams

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