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Art-filled Chelsea Apartment

Allan Schwartzman, 54 is an art collector. Even before owning a space to that could display his art, Schwartzman amassed exactly the right pieces that he'd need one day in his dreamed-of New York apartment. He explains "before I started buying art I thought I'd collect it. I knew someday I would move, and just hoped it fit whatever place I moved to."

When Schwartzman found his luxury Chelsea high-rise 11th Avenue Residence designed by Jean Nouvel, he started over with all that he had in storage - modern Brazilian furniture and his collection of art. What was originally a three bedroom apartment was converted into what he calls "a deconstructed one-bedroom."

The windows within the apartment which are of various size and are strategically positioned offer a panoramic view of the Hudson River and cityscapes to the North and East. These windows dictate how the furniture and objects were placed.

Despite the density, the apartment is not the obstacle course that it first appears. Thanks to Schwartzman's installation skills, the eye can easily take in the whole or focus on one object without another intruding.

All photos by Jason Schmidt and found here.

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