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Celeste Watson

Melbourne based graphic designer Celeste Watson has created this illustration as a means to point out the ridiculous cost printer ink. If you have bought an inkjet printer in the last few years you will have rejoiced in the amazingly low prices they are available for. However, you have probably quickly been shocked to find the price of the ink cartridge refills reaching almost the same cost of the printer itself. 

We're getting ripped off to say the least. According to a report made by The Guardian, the cost of printing ink is the lowest it has ever been, only a couple of dollars per litre. However, when we buy it in the form of print cartridges it is costing more than $4000 per litre, almost double the cost per litre of the world's most expensive perfumes. 

Watson has 're-branded' some Hewlett Packard Ink Cartridge packs in the form of Chanel No. 5 perfume bottles to highlight the devious sales tactics. Watson claims "I like throwing design back in the face of its expected audience, but in unexpected ways."

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