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7 Vignettes August

This past week you may have noticed that I have been uploading photos on Instagram a whole lot more frequently than ever before... I thought i'd explain why ive been hoarding your feeds... It's called 7vignettes... And it's been going on for ages (every month this year). I've been viewing each months entries but never got around to entering the full seven day competition, until now. 
So what is it? It is an instagram competition run by Jen Bishop of Interiors Addict the first seven days of each month. Jen will post the list of topics/themes for the months competition a week or so before it starts so you can starting planning and preparing. Each day you enter a vignette (a small cluster of objects or things that have meaning or resonate an emotion or memory) that follows the days theme and at the end you could win a prize. You can view all the other entries at #7vignettes. It's pretty fun actually... And it's really inspiring looking through everyone's entries and how they view each theme...

Here are my entries for this month... I'm not super pleased with some of them, but i'm happy that I created all seven and therefore completed 7vignettes! I find it hard styling things from home when you feel like you don't have much stuff to pick from... but I guess that's all part of the challenge!

Day 1: Tea/Coffee

Day 2: Bedside
(i got a bit excited and entered two options!)

Day 3: Window

Day 4: Elegant

Day 5: Monochrome

Day 6: Emotional

Day 7: Handmade

Here's my instagram feed if you're keen to see the rest of my album: @claire_wind

(& if you still don't get it click here to read the full instructions!)

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