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Andrew Maynard Architects have linked two terrace homes in Melbourne's suburb of Richmond through a vertical extension which ensures the backyard is still sizeable. The extension was designed for two generations of a family who live next door to each other. The architects demolished the existing two storey extensions and replaced them with a single three storey addition, slotted in the backyard at 90 degrees from the original terraces. This created a 'light well' between the old and new elements. The extensions are linked at ground level and share the backyard. A black house graphic is on the exterior of the extension in an attempt to control graffiti. "Most tagging is drawn with black spray paint. To combat this we introduced a black graphic to the facade that either makes the tag invisible or alternatively can be quickly painted over to discourage additional tagging. Will this tactic work or will it simply offer a greater incentive? We don’t know."

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