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Adore Magazine

With a current subscription to two Interior Design magazines whilst spending hours online reading blogs, you'd think i'd have enough inspiration. And with the amount of printed Australian design magazines available you'd think we'd have enough. But recently online magazines have become more popular, creating a resource that's free, beautiful and can link you directly to the source of each product on every page, making online shopping even easier. 

One of my favourite online Australian interiors magazines is Adore Home. The bright, colourful and patterned homes are beyond inspirational. Who wouldn't want to live in a home that is so fun! Editor Loni Parker is also pretty incred. Not only is she the creative force behind Adore Magazine, but she's also got an online wedding magazine on the go called Lovely Wedding Magazine.

Anyway, here are some shots from the current issue of Adore Home. Just be inspired :)

(Ps - if you know someone who has a colourful and beautiful home like these and is interested in having it photographed for the magazine, let me know!)

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