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Crochet baskets

Recently I have decided to learn to crochet. I think not only does crochet produce beautiful things, but it is also a simple hobby to do whilst at home that is easy to pick up and do for 5 minutes at a time. I admit, at the moment I have only learnt one type of crochet stitch but why learn more just yet when i can create multiple crocheted baskets for storing things around the home!!

I found the tutorial for these bowls/baskets at The Red Thread and it is so easy to follow... The Red Thread's Lisa Tilse is an incredible crafter who provides simple yet beautiful DIY's to follow. For this full tutorial click here.

Here are some of my first basket creations :)

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  1. I read the same tutorial you did and really liked the look of these bowls but i like how you made them out of regular yarn and that you made one that is bigger and deeper...very nice! I cant wait to try one myself!